About me…

I am Chair in Education at The School of Education at the University of Sheffield.  I am passionate about disability studies, disability politics and campaigning for a society in which disabled people are seen as fully human  – with the access to full inclusion this implies.

I am the mother of two young adults, one of whom has been labelled with a learning disability.  I love walking with my family in the Peak District, and listening to BBC Radio 4’s The Archers is my guilty pleasure.

The aim of this blog is to bring together details about peer reviewed journal articles; books; book chapters; films; magazine articles and blog posts in one place.  I hope you find them useful.


If you want to get in touch, please contact me: k.runswick-cole@sheffield.ac.uk or you can follow me on Twitter @k_runswick_cole

Or visit the following sites:

The School of Education, The University of Sheffield

iHuman Research Group The University of Sheffield







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