What does the future hold for pupils with SEND?

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Blog posts from 2015

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Runswick-Cole, K. (2015) The #MotherBlame Game

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Runswick-Cole, K. (2015) Accessible Animation, Animation, Communication & Social Care13th January, 2015   


Pre- 2015

Runswick-Cole, K. and Goodley, D. (2014) Thinking about the human; thinking about disability

Runswick-Cole, K. and Goodley, D. Day 46 #107 days Violence of disablism

Runswick-Cole, K. and Goodley, D. (2013) A few mindless individuals?

Runswick-Cole,K. and Goodley, D. (2013) Hidden Cameras and Mystery Shoppers 

Runswick-Cole, K. and Goodley, D. (2013) Understanding Personhood: beginning dialogue with moral philosophy

Runswick-Cole, K. and Goodley, D. (2013) ‘Being a researcher in residence’

Intimate Citizenship part of the ESRC Festival

On Monday 9th November, Considering Intimate Lives: Ways Forward, took place at St Mary’s Church, Sheffield, as part of the Economic and Social Science Research Council’s Festival of Social Sciences.  This was a collaboration between Manchester Metropolitan University, The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University as part of the Economic and Social Social Science.  Details here:




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